• Increase employee responsibility & accountability by eliminating workplace drama

    Managers spend up to 40% of their time dealing with workplace drama and conflict

    The 3 Vital Questions: Applying the Power of TED* to Work and Life online course gives learners the 3 questions they need to ask themselves in order to create positive and productive work relationships that produce results, resourcefulness, resilience, and innovation.

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The Course

3vqThe 3 Vital Questions online course provides an organizational context that makes the Power of TED* frameworks and processes actionable and easy to apply in everyday situations and creates cultures of empowerment that produces results. (learn more)



The Consulting

Bring TED* to Your Organization

TED* provides a practical way for all employees – regardless of position – to learn to relate and work together with less drama. Learn more

The Book

The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) 10th Anniversary Edition by David Emerald

Over 50,000 copies sold!

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3 Vital Questions… ensures we execute on our long-term vision

ryan simmons“The 3 Vital Questions provided a simple way to start a nuanced conversation about how we can all be empowered to succeed at the important work we do here at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The skills we developed in the program enabled us to bring heart to what we do, while also ensuring we execute on our long-term vision.”

—Ryan Simmons
Director of People Development
Children’s Hospital Colorado


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“A guy named David Emerald, has some really smart and helpful information about breaking these life-destroying behaviors, and stepping into stronger, saner, and healthier ways of behaving.”
—Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love