Learn about the Dreaded Drama Triangle™ (originally the Karpman Drama Triangle) and how to escape its toxic nature with TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)™. TED* has the power to dramatically shift your life and relationships – at home and at work – from drama filled to empowered. TED* works to transform the dynamics of individuals, teams, organizations, couples, and families to promote cooperation, communication and positive outcomes.

Making Shifts Happen

Shifting out of the drama triangle into a positive approach to life’s challenges transforms how you experience life and interact in relationships.

Shifts Happen by:

  • Focusing on what we want rather than what we don’t want
  • Moving from reacting to responding to life experiences
  • Reconnecting and focusing on our dreams and desired outcomes

Make the shift from the dreaded drama triangle to The Empowerment Dynamic

TED* Training Options

The 2 Day Deeper Dive Live Training is the first step to become a TED* Practitioner.   Learn more here.

A Deeper Dive: Applying the Power of TED* to Work and Life
Dallas, TX – December 6-7

Contact donna@powerofted.com for more information or to register.


“A guy named David Emerald, has some really smart and helpful information about breaking these life-destroying behaviors, and stepping into stronger, saner, and healthier ways of behaving.”
—Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love

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“The TED* Works! blogs are amazing. They are short, easy to read, and provide value. Thank you all for the work you and your team does to make the world better.”
Diane G.

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    How to Support Others When They’re Having a Drama Attack

    In last week’s essay, we suggested a specific tip to interrupt your reactive, drama-filled behavior by “Naming 5 Red Things”. We received numerous comments from readers about how helpful and simple the idea of naming 5 red things was to redirecting their energy and focus away from drama. We usually offer tips on how you […]

  • Naming 5 Red Things

    Naming 5 Red Things

    We are often asked, “How do I get out of the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) ™?” We avoid offering a prescribed answer to that question because each person is unique and the situations are sometimes complex. The one consistent recommendation we make, however, is to simply pause when you notice you have gone reactive and […]

  • What We Learned from the Marriage Counselor

    What We Learned from the Marriage Counselor

    “Repair, repair, repair” is what she said. We weren’t exactly sure what she meant at first. As we worked with our marriage counselor several years ago, we learned how sage this advice was. Relationships are not always goodness and light. Whether at home or work, relationships sometimes break down and can go through difficult stretches. […]

  • Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

    Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

    One of the most important coping mechanisms that all human beings possess is to create elaborate stories about life events. These stories often run in the background of your unconscious mind and significantly impact the way you see yourself and the world around you. In the TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) ™ framework, we call these […]

  • The Challenger’s Intention

    The Challenger’s Intention

    The Persecuting role in the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT)™ uses control and domination to take charge of a situation.   Persecutors may be a person, or they may also be a condition (such as a health issue) or a situation, (such as a natural disaster). Regardless of the form, the Persecutor dominates the time and attention […]

  • The Costs of Drama

    The Costs of Drama

    Do you experience drama in your work and life?  Do turf wars or ineffective team dynamics exist in your organization?  We all experience some level of drama.  It is part of the human experience. However, the costs of drama – both at work and personally – can be tremendous. When you have a minute, do […]

  • Just Pivot!

    Just Pivot!

    One of the hardest things to admit is to say, “I was wrong and I will change.” To admit that you are wrong is an affront to your ego’s job of maintaining your sense of individuality, separateness and, perhaps, superiority. Clinging to your opinion at all costs is one way your ego protects you from […]

  • 5 Ways Baby Steps Get You Unstuck

    5 Ways Baby Steps Get You Unstuck

    How do your creative thoughts become reality? For an idea to grow beyond just a thought stuck in your head, you must get into action. Many people never get their great ideas out of their brains and into external reality. For an idea to grow you must get momentum. Yet there are so many drama-filled […]

  • 3 Levels of Appreciation

    3 Levels of Appreciation

    You don’t have to look very hard these days to notice negative news around the world. It’s not just the news media or public leaders that are using harsh words toward one another. It’s also become the norm in some social media circles to pass on gossip and unforgiving pictures about someone they have never […]

  • Stop Asking Why

    Stop Asking Why

    As you read these questions, what emotions arise in you? Why are you always late for staff meetings? Why are your monthly reports coming back with client complaints? Why do you avoid helping me with the dishes? Why do you wear that dirty old shirt every weekend? Just writing these questions stirs up a lot […]

  • Creators Practice Patience

    Creators Practice Patience

    We live in a fast-paced world where speed and efficiency are revered. “Just get ‘er done!” is a phrase we learned from friends and colleagues in Texas. From one-minute manager to one-minute workouts to one-minute millionaires (all popped up on a quick internet search on “one minute”), our culture reinforces the belief that we can […]

  • Victim of Procrastination

    Victim of Procrastination

    We have been putting off writing this newsletter.  Okay, that is supposed to be a joke and there are plenty of procrastination jokes out there just like this one.  Did you hear about the procrastinators club that never met?  Or about the author who planned a book on procrastination but never wrote it? For those […]

  • The Victim Yells – A Creator Whispers

    The Victim Yells – A Creator Whispers

    If you stop and listen, it is amazing how many voices we have in our heads. We all do. It’s part of the perplexing human experience and sometimes it is confusing to know which voice to listen to. We have discovered that our Victim voice tends to yell, while our Creator voice whispers. The Dreaded […]

  • The Story Behind the Story

    The Story Behind the Story

    I (David) am often asked about the genesis of what eventually became The Power of TED*.  The following is my personal story that led to the story in the book. At a critical time in my life, I faced all of the realities that the character David faces in the story. I had lost my […]

  • If Everyone’s Right, Who’s Left?

    If Everyone’s Right, Who’s Left?

    One of the primary characteristics of those who embody the Persecutor role in the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT)™ is the need to blame, put down others and to be right. We know of few other situations today that are more rooted in the DDT than politics!   (This essay is not entirely about politics, so please […]