About Donna

Donna Zajonc, MCC

Donna Zajonc, MCC

Donna Zajonc, MCC is Director of Coaching and Practitioner Services for The Power of TED*. She applies the TED* work in her coaching, facilitating and speaking work, to help clients focus on creating bold and powerful choices.

Having had a full-time professional coaching practice for many years, Donna collaborates with David Emerald, author of The Power of TED* as both wife and business partner.

Donna is also:

  • A keynote and motivational speaker at workshops, meetings and events
  • An experienced executive and personal coach skilled in helping clients make bold choices and commit to results
  • A former state representative, Donna served three terms in the Oregon Legislature
  • Author of The Politics of Hope: Reviving the Dream of Democracy published in 2004
  • An advocate for public health policy, Donna received a Bachelors of Nursing degree from the University of Missouri, and specialized in mental health nursing before turning her attention to public health policy and leadership development. She received her Masters from the University of Oregon in Public Affairs in 1976.
  • Co-founder of the Bainbridge Leadership Center (Bainbridge Island, WA). As director of the Center’s Organizational Leadership and Self Leadership practice areas, Donna supports individuals, teams, and organizations in making conscious shifts toward leading and working from an outcome-focused orientation.

“Our chapter thoroughly enjoyed the Stop Rescuing – Start Coaching program.  The session generated great discussions with Donna sharing personal experiences that supported the content and enriched the program experience.  Several of our members said it was one of the best programs they have ever attended with our chapter.  We would gladly welcome Donna’s return to our chapter to speak again.”
Randy Fernandes, ACC, CPCC Chapter President, Dallas ICF Chapter

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