TED* Tools

The framework and key concepts of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)™ include essential tools that support individuals, professionals and organizations in identifying limiting roles (the Dreaded Drama Triangle)™ and how to replace them with more resourceful ways of thinking, relating and working together.

At the heart of TED* is learning to shift from reacting to choosing our response to life  events.    The  Empowerment  Dynamic  is  the  antidote  to  the  Drama  Triangle,  (first  described  by  Stephen Karpman, MD) and its three toxic roles:

Learn more about how a whole new set of relationship dynamics become possible when you shift to TED* roles. 

Applying TED*—Start applying TED* principles to your life and relationships and escape the drama triangle. Use the TED* Workbook; read from the TED* Library, TED* Thoughts blog and  the TED* Letter ezine; enjoy the TED* audio and video files; take part in a TED* educational event; share TED* Twitter and Facebook posts.  Escape the Dreaded Drama Triangle. Choose choice and TED* today!


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