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The Creator Role in TED*

What Do I Want?
TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)™ identifies three key roles to inspire a positive approach to life’s challenges and creating outcomes: Creator, Challenger and Coach. The central role is that of a Creator. The Creator role is the positive alternative to the drama triangle role of Victim.

There are two primary characteristics of being a Creator:

1. Increasing one’s capacity to envision and create outcomes by answering the question “what do I want?”.

A Creator’s responses are based on thoughtful evaluation of the situation and then choosing appropriate steps toward an outcome, rather than reacting from a problem-focused orientation. In doing so, a Creator works toward desired outcomes instead of reacting to avoiding/fixing problems. A Creator seeks and forms relationships with other Creators (Co-Creators), both to support and to be supported through the other two roles that make up TED*: Challenger and Coach.

“The focus in the Creator Orientation is on a Vision or Outcome. You orient your thoughts and actions towards creating what you most want to see or experience in life. Sometimes the vision or outcome may be completely clear to you. At other times it may be vague; only a general idea about where you want to go.”
– The Power of TED*, chapter 6

2. Choosing one’s response to life circumstances – even when problems arise.

Stuff happens in life and work. As a Creator, one is always at choice as to how they respond (though, at times, the range of choices is narrow).

A Creator is also the antidote to the powerless Victim: the central figure in Stephen Karpman’s Drama Triangle, which we refer to as the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT)™,  A Victim is one who feels powerless and has experienced some loss, thwarted desire or aspiration, and/or the psychic death of a dream.

An important distinction exists between victimization, which is a situation in which one is victimized to some degree, and Victimhood, which is a self-identity and “poor me” life stance. TED* stands to challenge Victimhood, while acknowledging the reality that victimization exists in the world.

Power of TED* Book Notes

  • Learn more about the Creator role in Chapter 6, “The Creator Orientation” and Chapter 8, “The Empowerment Dynamic”
  • Learn more about the Victim role in Chapter 2, “The Dreaded Drama Triangle”
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