TED* Practitioner Training

The Power of TED* Practitioner Program

Current Class is SOLD OUT

DATES for next Training:
to be announced

Contact donna@powerofted.com for more information.

Why aim for the TED* Practitioner Program?  Because there is an application process to participate in the Program, we can guarantee that those attending will share your enthusiasm for the TED* way of thinking, being and living in the world.

The Value Proposition: Participation in the “TED* Practitioner Program” will bring benefits to you while also helping the spread of TED* to work its magic in the world.

Benefits to you:

  1. Go deeper in understanding the TED* principles and practices and the “complexity behind the simplicity” of the frameworks and tools;
  2. Use of the TED* logo on your materials, web site and other collateral material;
  3. Listing on the TED* Website as a “TED* Practitioner,” with links to your website and contact information;
  4. “TED* Practitioner” community membership through 2014;
  5. Opportunity to co-author with David and/or Donna, a TED* application article for your field of work;
  6. Purchase of books and workbooks at a 50% discount and permission to resell them for a profit;
  7. Participate in quarterly TED* Practitioner webcasts during 2014;
  8. Participate in the Practitioner community in cross-sharing of documents, handouts, marketing ideas, etc.;
  9. Receive PowerPoint presentation materials, handouts and initial marketing fliers ready-made for TED* seminars;
  10. Opportunity to share financially when TED* programs are held in your community that involve David.  TED* Practitioners may coordinate David’s visit and co-sponsor a program and the revenue;

Commitments from you: Participants selected for this exclusive experience will make the following commitments:

  1. Enthusiastically participate in the TED* Practitioner program by bringing your full self to intensive sessions.
  2. Arrive at the program having completed all pre-session work (including workbook, articles and on-line videos);
  3. Participate in the ongoing Practitioner community through the TED* Practitioners Forum and other ways to stay in contact, sharing information with fellow TED* Practitioners;
  4. Share your feedback during and after the program about the content and process of the training;
  5. Participate with fellow TED* Practitioners to share how you applied TED* in your work and life;
  6. Pay for all travel and room and board while attending the program;
  7. Pay a $1,500 training fee.

Please contact Donna Zajonc, Director of Coaching and Practitioner Services, if you are interested in this program.

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