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Whether in person or online, we support and encourage you to continue learning about ways that TED* can improve your relationships at work and home. Seminars are an opportunity to directly apply TED* concepts to your life, and practice techniques for handling challenges with a positive approach.

February 27-April 3, 2014 – SOLD OUT
TED* For Coaches Webinar: Getting Your Stuck Clients Unstuck (click here to learn more) – SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for dates for our fall classes.

May 14-15, 2014: Dallas, Texas
June 11-12, 2014: Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
A Deeper Dive: Applying The Power of TED* to Work and Life

This two-day, highly experiential “Deeper Dive” into TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) provides practical tools and frameworks that result in more resourceful and effective ways of thinking, relating and taking action – in our work and in the whole of our lives. It provides a pathway for shifting from a problem-focused, anxiety-based and reactive approach to our human experience, which produces and perpetuates energy-wasting drama.


Based on David Emerald’s book, The Power of TED*, this workshop will raise and answer “Three Vital Questions for Work and Life” ™, which are:

  • Where do you put your focus? Does your attention and energy go toward problems or toward outcomes? Are you a Victim to problems or a Creator of outcomes?
  • How are you relating – to others, your experience and yourself? Are you relating in ways that produce or perpetuates drama or are you relating in ways that employer others and yourself to be more resilient and resourceful?
  • What actions are you taking? Are you reacting to the problems-of-the-day or are you taking generative active to created outcomes?

Applying the TED* principles and tools will improve working and personal relationships and provided a language for working together that leads to more efficiency and effectiveness.

If we really want to be the ideal vision of ourselves… one of the surest ways we can do that is by shifting out orientation away from a victim to that of a creator. When we make that shift, truly wonderful things will begin to show up in our lives and the lives or our clients.”
- David Knoch; President & COO, 1st Global

DATE: May 14-15, 2014
LOCATION: 1st Global | 12750 Merit Dr | Dallas, TX 75251
COST: $750USD If you register before April 25th. (Regular cost: $850)

Register for Dallas, TX

DATE: June 11-12, 2014
LOCATION: Q4 Profiles | Maarse & Droon Hof 7 | 1431 PB | Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
COST: €598,95 including Dutch VAT; (€495,- without Dutch VAT)

Register for The Netherlands
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for The Netherlands Session of The Deeper Dive or call (+31) 297 361 484
Download Flyer: Holland-June-2014-TED-Flyer

Contact Debbie Hulbert: or (206) 661-4526 if you have questions about registration.

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D2-TED-WorksDavid Emerald Womeldorff is author of The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) and co-founder (along with Donna) of the Bainbridge Leadership Center. He has over 30 years of leadership & organization development experience.  Donna Zajonc, MCC is Director of Coaching and Practitioner services of The Power of TED*, a certified Coach, former mental health nurse, Oregon State Legislator and has consulted to a wide variety of organizations. They are also husband & wife.

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