When David first learned about the Karpman Drama Triangle and its roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer many years ago, he knew he had lived much of his life from a Victim point of view.   One day in quiet time he asked:  “Okay God.  I don’t want to live my life as a Victim anymore, but I need to know, what is the opposite of being a Victim?”

“Creator” was the immediate response he received.  He had no idea at the time what it meant, nor how this personal epiphany of shifting from Victim to Creator would grow into the manifestation of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)®.

The process of recognizing and allowing your Creator within to emerge is the central shift that begins the journey from Victim consciousness to Creator consciousness.  This is a seismic shift, make no mistake about it.

How do you begin to facilitate the shift from Victim to Creator within yourself?

The first step is to recognize and acknowledge your Creator essence. You are more – much more – than your personality, projections, stories and reactive habits (which appear as real through the Dreaded Drama Triangle [DDT]).  Your Creator essence is your goodness, and your capacity to create that is inborn as a human being, whether or not you know it or act like it.

As you embrace your Creator essence as your true self, you have begun the journey toward TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)® and the complementary roles of Challenger and Coach that complete your authentic triangle.  When disempowering thoughts arise, practice shifting your awareness and affirm your true Creator essence.

The journey from Victim consciousness to Creator consciousness is not always easy, nor does it travel along a straight line.  We prefer to think of it as a continuum, with your center of gravity gradually moving away from Victim thinking toward a greater recognition of your empowering essence that wants to burst forward.

This Victim to Creator shift may be the most profound shift you make in your life, because it will alter your relationship with yourself, loved ones, co-workers and all of life.  When you accept the reality that you are a Creator, you uphold and see these three foundational qualities in yourself and others.

  • I am whole, complete, and enough at my core.

The Creator in you “knows” deeply your true essence and wholeness for yourself and all other Creators.  Rather than fixing yourself, your work is to allow your Creator essence to come forward.

  • I am responsible for choosing my response to life.

If you believe you are at your core whole and complete, it stands to reason that you no longer view yourself at the mercy of life’s events.  As a Creator, you can learn to pause and be aware of the space that exists between the incoming stimulus and your response.  This awareness builds your capacity to be at choice, rather than simply react to the drama of the moment.

  • Even with set-backs and struggles, I commit to focus on continuous learning and remembering my true Creator essence.

Now, as a Creator, you can focus on what you desire in life; what rocks your world and what you are truly grateful for.  With this new orientation to life, set-backs and struggles do not Persecute you.  Rather they become learning opportunities and you are no longer a Victim to life’s challenges.

It is quite unsettling at first to go beyond today’s cultural story that reinforces victimization, and instead embrace your true Creator self.  This shift is available to everyone, at any time, if you choose to affirm and know your true essence as a Creator.

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