Making Shifts Happen

Change is not always easy. However shifting out of the drama triangle into a positive approach to life’s challenges is absolutely possible. Through understanding and practicing the roles and concepts in TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)™, you can make shifts happen and transform how you experience life and interact in relationships.

“While you may not directly cause everything that happens to you, you do have the capacity to choose your response to circumstances. And you have a great deal more responsibility for what appears in your life than you might want to admit. One of the biggest challenges is waking up to this reality, making the shift happen on a daily basis, and working to stay awake.”
–    The Power of TED*, chapter 9

Free Drama Triangle Article

"This paper is fantastic. It is a wonderful summary of the Karpman Drama Triangle and has more detail than many other resources.
~Sam Magill, MCC, MBA, Coaching Supervisor

Shifts Happen by:

  • Focusing on what we want rather than what we don’t want
  • Moving from reacting to responding to life experiences
  • Reconnecting and focusing on our dreams and desired outcomes
Make the shift from the dreaded drama triangle to The Empowerment Dynamic