Health Empowerment Combo

TED* for Diabetes book and Health Empowerment Guide combo

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Designed for individual use, A Guide for Empowered Living with Health Challenges will lead you through creating your own Optimal Health Plan while encouraging you to take the Baby Steps by which you will put TED* into daily practice. The activities are designed to guide you through a deeper reflection on personal health and reinforce the realization that you can be “at choice” in meeting health challenges. Feeling empowered rather than disheartened is the ultimate goal of this process.

Reading either The Power of TED* or TED* for Diabetes prior to starting the activities is recommended. This Guide can serve as a wonderful reinforcement of the principles contained in both books, enlivening your learning experience.

After working with A Guide for Empowered Living with Health Challenges we are confident you will:

  • Understand how you relate to your current health challenge – or to the health challenge of someone close to you – and learn ways to shift toward a more positive relationship with the situation
  • Reflect upon powerful questions that will support you in creating your Optimal Health Plan
  • Apply practices and exercises to deepen your learning
  • Increase your awareness of the drama roles you and others play when “hooked” by health challenges and how to shift those patterns
  • Learn more about barriers that stand in the way of creating optimal health
  • Have a better understanding of the TED* roles and how to be a Creator,  Challenger and  Coach for yourself and others who face health challenges

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