The TED* CD Set - Cover ArtIntimate Conversations with
David Emerald -

As a complement to the Power of TED* book, this dialogue between David and Donna will bring the TED* frameworks alive in a fresh new way.  In these candid conversations, David and Donna reveal how they apply TED* frameworks in their own life and work.  Hear how David created TED* and learn how they “make shifts happen” in the family kitchen as well as the corporate board room.

Listen to an excerpt of “Making Shifts Happen” where David and Donna talk about making the shift from Persecutor to Challenger.

This 2 CD set includes over 2 hours of conversations on:

  • The Story Behind the Story
  • Applying TED* in Your Life
  • A Positive Approach to Life’s Challenges
  • Making Shifts Happen
  • Dynamic Tension
  • Putting it Into Practice
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