TED* for Organizations

Produced by Desiree Damon; 1st Global; Dallas, TX
“Best year in company history… way too busy in a challenging , coaching and creating way! 18 + years to get to a (financial) position and then nearly triple that position in 18 to 24 months. Yeah, that is “The Power Of TED*!”
– David Dadian, CEO of powersolution.com; posted on Facebook

Bring TED* to Your Organization

Organizations exist in order to accomplish results. Results are created in and through our relationships – with customers/clients; other associates; on work teams; across silos; up and down the management and organization structures; and with a whole host of additional stakeholders.

TED* provides a practical way for all employees – regardless of position – to learn to relate and work together with less drama.  The TED* framework teaches employees to shift from the roles they play as victims, persecutors and rescuers toward the far more resourceful roles of creator, challenger and coach.  Perfect for team retreats and employee engagement training, TED* provides a simple, yet profound, shift to more positive, resourceful and outcome oriented thinking and ways of working together.

If you’d like to learn more about how TED* can help your organization take its effectiveness to the next level and prosper, please contact us.

The TED* frameworks are based upon the book, TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) written by David Emerald. In it’s tenth printing, TED* has proven to be an invaluable tool for teams and individuals. Interested in having your team read TED*? We offer volume discounts. Contact us for more information.


“The City of Seattle’s Personnel Department needed an effective tool for dealing with the impacts of change. We chose TED* because of the universality of its application and the scalability of its tools and techniques. David and Donna provided on-site training in The Empowerment Dynamic to rave reviews and wide-spread acceptance and use. We’re making it part of our culture.”

– Dave Stewart,
Director of Personnel
City of Seattle, Washington

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Enhancing Employee Engagement with The Power of TED*
Learn more about shifting employees’ emphasis to what they want, rather than on what they don’t want. Employees still face and solve problems, but practicing TED* they do so in the course of creating outcomes, rather than merely reacting.

3 Vital Questions for a more Empowered Work and Life
These 3 Questions of Life can help keep each of us focused on outcomes, relating in resourceful and empowered ways, and taking daily steps in creating in our lives – and work.

Shifting Office Politics to Develop Healthy Working Relationships
Turning office drama into an opportunity for improvement starts with a shift in your own perspective.