This information will help you make the shift from the Dreaded Drama Triangle to *The Empowerment Dynamic

In addition to the Power of TED* book, workbook, and educational events, we will continue to share articles, audio and video to help you seek out and apply the positive and resourceful frameworks of TED* for your daily life. Learn how to shift out of the drama triangle and into *TED (*The Empowerment Dynamic).

TED* Articles

Author David Emerald, and colleagues, relate the principles and frameworks of TED* and to use them to escape the dreaded drama triangle to a variety of subjects from business to education, from parenting to personal awareness.Read Articles

TED* Videos

Explore the TED* YouTube Channel – learn more about TED* (* The Empowerment Dynamic), the roles of Creator, Challenger and Coach, and view how people are applying TED* to their life and relationships. You can also learn about the Dreaded Drama Triangle (derived from the Karpman Drama Triangle)and its roles of Victim, Persecutor, and Rescuer.Watch Videos

TED* Audio

Featuring author, David Emerald. Listen as he talks about TED*, the TED* roles, and how to make the shift out of drama and into empowerment at home, work, and in all aspects of your life.



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