The Rescuer Role

The  Rescuer Role in the DDT
The Rescuer Role in the DDT

Rescuer – The Dreaded Drama Triangle

Rescuers look for Victims to save and often are quick to jump-in and save the day, even when others are responsible. By fixing and saving others, a Rescuer believes others will appreciate and value them for their good deeds. Rescuers feel an obligation and urgency to change or fix, in their view, what is not going well. They often take on more work or duties, even when others are responsible or could do it themselves. They often attract others who seem incapable of helping themselves. They feel there is always someone in a crisis needing their help. Similar to Victims, they focus on what isn’t working so they always have a job to do or something to fix.

Rescuers have a sixth sense about who needs help. If there’s a needy person in the room or team, the Rescuer, like a search light, focuses on who needs help and what they can do to assist. Resisting conflict, they think about ways to make everyone happy. They are accommodating and pleasing so they think about ways to be useful and helpful. Rescuers adopt the “please” in the fight, flight, freeze or please reactive mechanism.