3 Vital Questions

The 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama™

3 Vital Questions can help you gauge whether you are moving toward or away from empowered living and healthy relationships with yourself and others.

These questions help awaken your inner observer so you can choose more powerfully and reduce your reactive tendencies.

The 3 Vital Questions to ask yourself in any moment are:

  1. Where am I putting my focus?
    Am I focusing on problems or on outcomes?  A focus on problems engages the Victim Orientation.  When you upgrade to a Creator Orientation, you focus on outcomes.
  1. How am I relating (to others, my experience and myself)?
    Am I producing or perpetuating drama or am I empowering others and myself to be more resourceful, resilient and innovative? These ways of relating flow from the Orientation you adopt.  The Victim Orientation fuels the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT), while a Creator Orientation fosters TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)®.
  1. What actions am I taking?
    Am I merely reacting to the problems of the moment or am I creating by taking Baby Steps – including the solving of problems – in service to envisioned outcomes?  Dynamic Tension provides a powerfully simple framework for planning and taking action toward outcomes – big and small.

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These questions offer a comprehensive context for applying the frameworks and ways of thinking, relating and taking action contained in The Power of TED*.   While useful for individuals, the 3 Vital Questions has proven to be profoundly effective for teams and organizations.

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Risk &  Business Magazine Article

This article, from the Spring 2017 issue of Risk & Business describes how The Power of TED* & 3 Vital Questions have contributed to positive outcomes for two companies.

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