3VQ Trainer Certification

Do you want to be a force for change?

You’ve seen the symptoms of Workplace Drama: Interpersonal conflicts. Gossip. Infighting. Siloed behavior. Enemies and allies. Excessive meetings. Meetings before the meeting. Meetings after the meeting. Defensiveness. Sarcasm. Doing just enough work to not get fired. People bringing their worst to work.

But life at work doesn’t have to be this way. Deeply asking and answering three vital questions will transform your workplace and create healthy teams and empowered leaders.

Who Is Eligible?

Internal and external consultants and coaches, learning & development professionals, organizational leaders, project managers, organizational development consultants, process and culture experts.

Program Description and Benefits

In conjunction with David Emerald’s new book, 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama, Bainbridge Leadership Institute is offering a powerful three-day live facilitator certification. The 3 Vital Questions expands the organizational application of the life-changing frameworks introduced in David’s bestselling book, The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic).

Program Outcomes

As a charter participant in the certification you will be able to:

  • meaningfully improve the human dynamics of relationships, teams, and your organization
  • powerfully facilitate 3VQ programs within your organization, in client organizations, and in your supply system
  • significantly contribute to a worldwide community of fellow certified facilitators distinctively influence the development of facilitation tools and materials
  • proudly represent yourself as a 3 Vital Questions Certified Facilitator

Materials and Support

  • 3VQ Facilitator’s Kit (Facilitator guide, program slides, videos, Catchphrase card deck)
  • 3VQ Participant Kit (Participant workbook, 3 Vital Questions book, The Power of TED* book, 3VQ ShiftKit)
  • Quarterly Certified Facilitator calls
  • Facilitator support calls by appointment

Program Fees

$2500 USD for new Certified Facilitators
$1500 for current Power of TED* Practitioners

The program fees include all 3VQ facilitation materials and support. 3VQ Participant Kits are extra and are required for each program participant.

Travel, lodging, and meals are in addition to the program fees.

Training Dates

NOW REGISTERING | April 22-24, 2020 | Cleveland, OH

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