The Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) – with its roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer – is the basic template that playwrights and screenwriters have traditionally used.  As pointed out in a recent blog discovered by Kathy Haskin (Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips), the roles are more commonly framed as Victim, Villain, and Hero.

She also reminded me of a classic scene that also illustrates how quickly the roles can change in a drama.  Remember toward the end of “The Wizard of Oz” when the wicked witch (Villain) sets the scarecrow (Victim) on fire and Dorothy (Hero) throws water on the scarecrow to put out his fire.  In doing so, the water melts the wicked witch would certainly say she becomes the Victim of Dorothy’s villainous act.

We need a new story and a new template.

How about plays and movies and productions that produce stories the feature the roles of Creator, Challenger and Coach?  I look forward to the day that we see TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) on the “big screen” and it serves as a template for entertainment.