This week’s guest blog comes from long-time TED* enthusiast, Debbie Hulbert.  She wrote the following originally as a review that she posted this week on  We asked her to also submit it to share here.  Thanks, Debbie!


I have read The Power of TED* several times and each time I come away with a deeper layer of understanding about the power choice plays in our lives. If you’ve ever felt that life was like a roller coaster with one problem coming on top of the next – each one causing a crisis that had to be handled, then you know how exhausting life in the Drama Triangle can be. I tend to play the role of Rescuer, solving others’ problems (often to the detriment of my own energy supply).

TED* describes, in a very easy to digest format, how to recognize the patterns you are in (whether you default to Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer – and yes, I’ve played all three) and then illustrates the steps needed to shift into a healthier way of being. Victims learn how to become Creators of life – by making informed choices and taking an active role in shaping their goals and then taking steps to achieve them. Persecutors learn how to dial down the drama and the rhetoric and make sure that they are coming from a place of integrity rather than finger pointing and blaming. We all need someone to jump start our engines at times, but Challengers do this in healthy ways, unlike the drama ridden and power hungry ways of the Persecutor. Finally, Rescuers learn how to empower Victims & Persecutors to recognize their patterns and to make healthy choices. It’s neither wise nor healthy to solve someone’s problem for them – that leaves them powerless and reinforces their Victim mentality. By helping them find ways to solve their own problems, a Coach (the counterpart to Rescuer) empowers the powerless to take responsibility for their own happiness.

This book may be an easy read, but it holds some powerful frameworks and concepts that are imperative for the informed Creator. Baby Steps, Dynamic Tension, and learning how to “make the shift” are tools we should all have in our toolboxes of life.

If you’ve ever been in the Drama Triangle and wanted to find the way out read The Power of TED* – its impact on you will be AWESOME!


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