When we write about the power of Baby Steps in creating outcomes, we often say that 1 of 3 things will happen with each step:

  1. Forward progress as we move toward the outcome we want to create;
  2. A step back as we make mistakes or something doesn’t go as we had planned; or
  3. A breakthrough or quantum leap that would not have occurred had we not taken the Baby Step.

The second possibility above can be disheartening and we can feel victimized by things not going as well as we had envisioned.  When this occurs, we can stay in the Creator Orientation if we see it as a “slip up, not a give up.”

Remembering this simple phrase has brought us relief when we do not know exactly what we want.  We may have a vague feeling or outline of the outcome we are moving toward.  Taking just one Baby Step to get closer to and clearer about the outcome we want keeps us moving forward.  We take great comfort in knowing that we don’t have to have it all figured out before we take one step.

Even with that awareness, we still sometimes persecute ourselves and become our worst critic if things don’t go just right.

Years ago, David wrote a poem during a time of doubt and disappointment that speaks to this point.  The following is a portion of his poem, entitled “Break Camp.”

Such is the path of creating.

The growth curve of bringing into being
. . . desires of the soul’s creations,
Is not a smooth upward slope of
. . . easy climbing.

It is a path of mountain peaks that
. . . traverses through hallows of
. . . the soul’s doubt and despair,
. . . dark as night in the thick
. . . overgrowth of deeply held beliefs.

The only way up is through,
. . . even when the stone of the
. . . next step is all that one can see and
. . . nettles of this moment prick the Spirit
. . . and wants retreat.

Break camp…  Break camp.

This valley is not your final destination.
Unimaginable vistas lie ahead for those
. . . who discern the painful beauty
. . . that despair’s door opens along life’s journey.

The path of creating is not always “goodness and light.”  Mistakes happen and set-backs occur.  When they do, Creators learn to treat them as a slip up and not a give up.  Embracing this mantra will give you energy to continue taking the next Baby Step along life’s journey.

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