Our History

It began with a personal epiphany that David had about 30 years ago—that “the opposite of Victim is Creator.” It occurred during a period of time in which he learned about the Karpman Drama Triangle, and its roles of Victim, Persecutor, and Rescuer, while working through some personal issues. He yearned to escape the drama he was experiencing.

Occasionally he would ponder alternatives to the drama roles—and other times the contemplation of another way of being would lie dormant for long periods of time. Until the summer of 2003, when he shared with Donna a version of the “alternative triangle,” that became the TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)® framework and its roles of Creator, Challenger, and Coach.

Encouraged by Donna, and from enthusiastic responses he received when sharing TED* with friends and colleagues, David wrote and, in late 2005, self-published The Power of TED* (The Empowerment Dynamic): The Key to Creating an Extraordinary Life as a fable on self-leadership. TED* is now in its third edition (the 10th Anniversary edition) and has become a bestseller with well over 100,000 copies in print, e-book, and audio formats.

At the time, David and Donna had no idea how much this little book would make such a big impact in the lives of so many—at home; at work; and in many of their most important relationships.

TED* spread very organically between individuals searching for an “escape” from the dramas of everyday life and also began finding its way into organizations—large and small—as a set of leadership and culture-building ways of thinking, relating to others, and taking action.

David began offering workshops and was asked to speak and facilitate applications of TED* to personal and professional groups. Donna incorporated TED* into her coaching work. After a few years, individuals expressed interest in becoming “TED* Practitioners” to apply the frameworks in their lives and in work with their clients and organizations.

By 2010, they began offering a 2-day “Deeper Dive” into the frameworks, as TED* continued to grow, develop, and spread internationally. Donna, as a Master Certified Coach, began offering online webinars for coaches, psychologists, social workers, and other helping professionals and has continued to evolve those offerings.

As the work matured and more organizations and teams clamored for further applications of TED* to the workplace, David returned to his leadership and organization development “roots” and reframed TED* into the 3 Vital Questions® methodology for “transforming workplace drama.”

In March 2019, 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama was published as a teaching story that applied TED* in an organizational context of the costs of drama; the challenge of change; and employee engagement. The frameworks in 3VQ “transcend and include” TED* as a set of perspectives and tools that contribute to increased resilience, resourcefulness, and innovation in individuals, teams, and organizations of all types.

As David and Donna live into the twilight of their professional lives, a diverse and powerful community of “3VQ Certified Trainers” is growing and assures the future of this for generations to come.


Our Purpose

To transform human relationships to inspire and unleash the heart and soul of humanity.


Our Vision

Human beings are living and working in a world where all people are acknowledged as co-Creators, endowed with the capacity generate outcomes; to choose their response to life events and to live in harmony and cooperation with all living things.


Our Mission

TED* and 3VQ exist to inspire people to grow more resourceful and resilient in all their relationships—with others and themselves, at home and at work—through simple, universal, and cross-cultural frameworks for thinking, relating, and taking action.