Today is national Arbor Day in the United States, thanks to the vision of Julius Sterling Morton (1832-1902).  Morton is responsible for creating this day as one to remember our symbiotic relationship with trees (and plants of all kinds) and to plant a tree in recognition of that relationship.

Why – you might wonder – is Arbor Day being mentioned in a blog about being a Creator and cultivating our capabilities in and through TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)?  Because this day is a great reminder that we co-create not only with others, but with non-human systems and resources as well.

Just in case you are not aware: the oxygen we inhale is produced by the trees and plants in nature. When we exhale we send out carbon dioxide, which green plants need to survive.  They take in our carbon dioxide and then convert it back into oxygen.  What a wonderful, life-giving symbiotic relationship!  (One definition of “symbiosis” is “a cooperative, mutually beneficial relationship.”)

Yesterday, while out running, when I inhaled I said silently, “Thank you trees!” and exhaled with the thought “Here you go!”

What other symbiotic relationships do you have that support you in growing and thriving as a Creator?


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