Sharing your journey is an important aspect of choosing TED*. Through articles exploring a variety of topics Author David Emerald, and guests, discuss the breakdowns and breakthroughs of a life with TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)®.

Articles by David Emerald

Employee Engagement: Coaching the shift to empowerment (by David Emerald and Donna Zajonc)
Employee engagement is at the heart of aligning performance and potential. And it is shockingly low. Workplace “drama” drains our energy, reduces innovation and depletes our passion for our work. This way of working together, based in the drama triangle, does not have to be the norm. Coaching can play a crucial role in facilitating the shift to *The Empowerment Dynamic (*TED) a highly fulfilling, resourceful and productive work environment that aligns performance and potential.
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Responding to Challenges with The Empowerment Dynamic
Realizing “The Game” being played and cyclical reactions between the drama triangle roles of victim, persecutor and rescuer, is a major step in developing more positive and productive relationships. It is much more empowering, and the way of a creator, challenger or coach, to put your focus on what you want. With your vision on the desired outcome, dynamic tension will guide your steps toward the appropriate responses to life’s challenges.
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Parent Engagement in Education: Drama or Empowerment
Getting parents, students and schools to align is a challenge. This short paper introduces the possibility of a healthy and empowering set of relationships that can take shape in our learning environments. Together, parents and schools can best serve their students by committing to move beyond the Dreaded Drama Triangle to cultivating the skills and abilities associated with The Empowerment Dynamic.
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Overview of the Three Drama Roles: Victim, Persecutor, and Rescuer
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Overview of the Three Empowerment Roles: Creator, Challenger, and Coach
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Articles by Guest Contributors

TED* – A Tale of Empowerment
Risk &  Business Magazine, Spring 2017 issue
This article describes how The Power of TED* & 3 Vital Questions have contributed to positive outcomes for two companies.
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Beware of the Drama Triangle in Client Relationships
By David C. Knoch
As we think about it more, we may realize that at the times we find ourselves operating at our best, we are not actually helping clients solve problems, but instead helping them achieve their ideal outcomes. The best relationships we have with clients are characterized not by transactional problem-solving relationships, but rather by holistic relationships where we know what really matters to the client in business and in life. While we undoubtedly have clients who walk in the door with a problem that needs to be solved, we are at our best when we shift the conversation from problem to outcome.
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Stop the Drama! Shifting Office Politics to Develop Healthy Working Relationships
Turning office drama into an opportunity for improvement starts with a shift in your own perspective. Use The Empowerment Dynamic to escape the workplace drama!
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