Sharing your journey is an important aspect of choosing TED*. Through articles exploring a variety of topics Author David Emerald, and guests, discuss the breakdowns and breakthroughs of a life with TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)™.

Articles by David Emerald

Employee Engagement: Coaching the shift to empowerment (by David Emerald and Donna Zajonc)
Employee engagement is at the heart of aligning performance and potential. And it is shockingly low. Workplace “drama” drains our energy, reduces innovation and depletes our passion for our work. This way of working together, based in the drama triangle, does not have to be the norm. Coaching can play a crucial role in facilitating the shift to *The Empowerment Dynamic (*TED) a highly fulfilling, resourceful and productive work environment that aligns performance and potential.
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Crafting and Creating Powerful Outcomes – a Lesson in Leadership through The Empowerment Dynamic
Begin the process of creating a powerful outcome statement by reframing a problem, harnessing dynamic tension, and taking the necessary steps through *The Empowerment Dynamic (The Power of TED*). Start by asking yourself…What will I create today?
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The Kinship of Victimhood – The Problem with Problem-Focused Conversations
Have you ever noticed how much of our conversations are based on “problems” or “what we don’t want/like?” Whether it’s local or global, negative events bring us together. We have learned to identify ourselves and to connect with each other as victims in the drama triangle. However this is a very limited and ultimately unfulfilling approach to life. If we really want to grow, we need to move our conversations beyond the Kinship of Victimhood.
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Listening for Possibility – Improving a Personal and Professional Skill
Listening is an essential skill and practice for someone who wants to make the switch from a victim/reaction-based orientation of the drama triangle to a creator/outcome-based way of living within *The Empowerment Dynamic (*TED). We ALL listen, but are we listening in the right way?
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Sowing Seeds and Stepping Forward during Challenging Times
Challenge is part of the human experience. That said, these do seem to be especially difficult times for many of us. It is easy to feel like a powerless victim by such challenges and to look for a rescuer. Rescuers take many forms that are rooted in – and reinforce – the victim orientation and the dreaded drama triangle. So, how does a Creator respond to challenging times?
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Responding to Challenges with The Empowerment Dynamic
Realizing “The Game” being played and cyclical reactions between the drama triangle roles of victim, persecutor and rescuer, is a major step in developing more positive and productive relationships. It is much more empowering, and the way of a creator, challenger or coach, to put your focus on what you want. With your vision on the desired outcome, dynamic tension will guide your steps toward the appropriate responses to life’s challenges.
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Victimization and the Human Experience
The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) explores the distinction between victimization and victimhood. Victimization is any situation in which a “dream or desire” is denied or thwarted. Victimization can be caused by people, by conditions (such as a health condition), or circumstances (such as a natural disaster). Victimhood, on the other hand, is a self-identity and a way of being in the living of one’s life within the drama triangle. TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) serves as a challenger to victimhood, while acknowledging the reality of victimization as part of the human condition.
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The Gift of Forgiveness – Releasing the Drama Triangle
An author’s introspective: My reactions were a perfect illustration of the drama triangle, and I wanted someone, somewhere to somehow be my rescuer. I then remembered this quote from The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic): “forgiveness is giving up all hope of having a better past.”
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How to End “The Game” — Escaping the Drama Triangle
Learn how to identify your contribution toward a problem and make conscious choices to shift into a healthier style of communication. Learn how to work with your partner and save your relationship by shifting to an empowered, creator role.
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Parent Engagement in Education: Drama or Empowerment
Getting parents, students and schools to align is a challenge. This short paper introduces the possibility of a healthy and empowering set of relationships that can take shape in our learning environments. Together, parents and schools can best serve their students by committing to move beyond the Dreaded Drama Triangle to cultivating the skills and abilities associated with The Empowerment Dynamic.
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Upgrading Our Personal Operating System: Introducing The Power of TED*
Human brains are wired for survival. We all share the same default operating system that is grounded in the drama triangle, reaction-based and commonly known as fight, flight, or freeze. However, society has evolved to the point where a new operating system can help us create successful and fulfilling lives without the drama.
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Articles by Guest Contributors

TED* – A Tale of Empowerment
Risk &  Business Magazine, Spring 2017 issue
This article describes how The Power of TED* & 3 Vital Questions have contributed to positive outcomes for two companies.
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Shifting Out of the Drama Triangle – Victim vs Creator Mindsets
By Donna Zajonc, MCC
The fundamental difference between the creator/innovator mindset in the empowerment dynamic, and victim mindset in the drama triangle, and is where you place your attention.
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Beware of the Drama Triangle in Client Relationships
By David C. Knoch
As we think about it more, we may realize that at the times we find ourselves operating at our best, we are not actually helping clients solve problems, but instead helping them achieve their ideal outcomes. The best relationships we have with clients are characterized not by transactional problem-solving relationships, but rather by holistic relationships where we know what really matters to the client in business and in life. While we undoubtedly have clients who walk in the door with a problem that needs to be solved, we are at our best when we shift the conversation from problem to outcome.
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The Dreaded Drama Triangle
By Diane Gasal
The Drama Triangle is agonizing. If you are in it, how can you get out?
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Empowered Parenting and Autism
When our son was diagnosed with autism, we felt like victims of a disorder we didn’t understand and wanted to rescue our child from this persecutor. Thus began a cycle of parenting that left everyone frustrated and stuck in a drama triangle. Then I found this little book “The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)”, and everything changed.
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A Lesson Learned through Baseball – A Parent’s Perspective
By Kathy Haskin
Hopefully our son’s life lessons will continue on and off of the baseball field. Like many of us, he will often have to address the less than stellar moments life presents. The key is, how will he choose to view them? Will he be focusing on the problems and the things he wants to avoid, or will he choose to shift his focus away from problems and toward the outcomes he wants to create. This ability to choose is The Power of TED*.
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Stop the Drama! Shifting Office Politics to Develop Healthy Working Relationships
Turning office drama into an opportunity for improvement starts with a shift in your own perspective. Use The Empowerment Dynamic to escape the workplace drama!
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Focus on Environmental Issues: Problems or Outcomes
by Kathy M. Haskin
Learn how to shift your focus from problem-based to outcome-based and take baby steps toward the world you envision.
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Why Victims Can’t Invent Anything
by G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Viton
There is a simple way to determine whether you have what it takes to be a successful innovator.
Published January 5, 2010 in
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Drama in Real Life: Parenting and the Roles We Play
By Kathy Haskin
A world of growth and development opens up when a family embraces TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic). Instead of reacting to things with drama, both children and parents learn to choose their responses to life’s challenges by taking baby steps that move them toward the outcome they desire.
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By Tess Haskin
A teen’s reflections on a lesson learned “…Ever since I learned about the roles of Coach, Creator, Challenger, I have been trying to shift to a positive way of thinking so my actions take steps, rather than stumble through situations….”
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