We create by taking “baby steps”- those everyday actions we take to bring into manifestation our envisioned outcomes.  That is the way of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) and its antidote way of being that stands in contrast to the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT).

The baby steps we take can be as simple as making a phone call; having a particular conversation; reading an article or chapter in a book; talking with a Coach; gathering information – anything that furthers action toward an outcome.

When we take a baby step, one of three things will happen:

  1. We make forward progress – The step we take is a positive step in the direction of the outcome.  This helps build momentum and may help us further clarify the vision and/or the way forward.
  2. We take a step “backwards” – Sometimes the steps take do not produce the forward progress we envisioned or hoped for.  (For instance, an important conversation may not have gone the way we anticipated that it would.)  Even a “step back” can provide important learning and information about what next steps to take.
  3. We experience a “quantum leap” – We never know when a baby step will propel us forward in ways we could not have anticipated and would not have occurred had we not taken the step.  Doors open; serendipity and synchronicity show up; breakthroughs happen.

Regardless of which of these three possibilities result from our baby steps, each contributes to clarifying and creating our envisioned outcomes.

So take today’s baby step in service to your creating:  it might be having a particular conversation or writing in your journal or gathering information – whatever will be a step that gets your “rear in gear” toward manifesting your vision.


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