Become a TED* Practitioner

Attending the Two Day Deeper Dive Training is the first step toward becoming a TED* Practitioner.
Next Session: December 4-5, 2018 – Dallas, TX
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Contact Debbie@PowerOfTED.com for more information.

The Practitioner process is designed for professionals who are committed to making TED* and 3VQ a key component in the services they provide to their clients, co-workers or as an internal organization professional.

As a Practitioner, you will enjoy these benefits:

  1. Go deeper in understanding of the TED*/3VQ principles and practices and the “complexity behind the simplicity” of the frameworks and tools;
  2. Attend a live 2-day TED* Deeper Dive workshop facilitated by David Emerald and Donna Zajonc. In this training intensive, you will experience ways to present and facilitate the TED*/3VQ frameworks with teams and individuals.
  3. Receive two 1-hour individual coaching calls with either David or Donna to assist you in integrating the TED*/3VQ frameworks in your life and unique area of work;
  4. Have exclusive access to the TED*/3VQ Dropbox that contains PowerPoint presentation materials, handouts, exercises and marketing flyers ready-made for your seminars and the TED*/3VQ logo on your marketing and website listing, if you wish;
  5. Purchase our books and workbooks at a 50% discount, with permission to resell them to your clients for a profit;
  6. Be listed on our website as a “TED*/3VQ Practitioner,” with links to your website and contact information;
  7. Opportunity to co-author with David or Donna an article for your professional field of work (at your initiative);
  8. Participate in live (and recorded, if unable to attend) quarterly Practitioner learning webcasts with David, Donna, powerful guests and fellow Practitioners in the community; and
  9. Participate in the Practitioner Facebook community for cross-sharing of documents, handouts, marketing ideas and personal reflections.

The steps toward becoming a Practitioner:

  1. Contact Donna Zajonc, Director of Practitioner and Coaching Services. Email her: donna@powerofted.com or call 206 595 3456 and indicate your interest in learning more.
  2. After speaking with Donna, if you choose to go forward, you will register through Donna for the 2-day live training, “A Deeper Dive, Applying TED* to Work and Life”. (Current dates are listed here).
  3. Pay a $1995 fee which includes attending the 2-day live Deeper Dive course and the follow-up coaching calls;
  4. Attend a one-hour “prep” call with David and Dona prior to attending the 2 day Deeper Dive, plus read two articles and re-read The Power of TED* book;
  5. Following the 2-day Deeper Dive, receive two individual coaching sessions with either David or Donna, (your choice) to deepen your personal learning and application of what you learned in the program;
  6. Agree to present and/or facilitate, within six months of attending the 2-day Deeper Dive, all or a part of the frameworks learned in the 2 day program;
  7. Actively participant in the community by attending the Practitioner quarterly learning webinars and/or Facebook postings; and
  8. Each year, renew your intention to continue as part of the Practitioner community by paying an annual membership fee.  You establish your annual membership fee by determining the value you are receiving.  Current members have paid from $50 a year to an average of $250 to renew their membership.

If this appeals to you, contact Donna today:   donna@powerofted.com  206 595 3456  She is looking forward to hearing from you.

“The Power of TED*/3 Vital Questions is an highly effective, deceptively simple tool for achieving personal and professional transformation.  In addition, David and Donna are an amazing partnership and resource for implementing TED*/3VQ in all of life’s aspects.”

~Jayne Cronlund