The mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. is bracing for an “epic storm” with blizzard conditions this weekend.  I was supposed to fly through Dulles airport in Washingtion, D.C. – which is expecting to 1-2 feet of snow – on my way to Paris to serve as a Coach in a Global Leadership Program.

Luckily I learned of the probability of the storm two days before travel.  One call to United and I was rerouted on an alternate flight through O’Hare airport.

The weather can certainly be a huge Persecutor that sets in motion the Drama Triangle.  One defining characteristic of a Persecutor is that they dominate the attention of, and spark reaction by, the Victim.  There is no doubt that my friends on the East Coast are dominated by the approaching storm.

I could have taken the path of the Victim and let the weather and travel arrangements play out.  If I was late to the engagement in Paris I could legitimately blame it on the weather.  Or I could have whined and complained, which would have not helped me take action.

Instead, I met the current reality – or predicted reality – and focused on my commitments and the outcome I chose to work toward, which was to arrive in Paris the day I had committed to and to seek an alternate route.  In assessing the situation, I realized that the schedule for my coaching could be rearranged if I arrived a day late, but that option was way down the list.  So, I called the airline, told the agent my predicament, showed compassion toward her as I knew she was just beginning to deal with a slew of rebookings, and within about 10 minutes all was set.

Not everyone affected by the storm will be as fortunate.  Even Creators fall victim to forces of nature and sometimes options are limited or non-existent.  However, dealing with current reality as we come to know it (rather than hoping the storm blows over or does not materialize) and exploring options as early as possible ends up presenting the widest range of choices (again, even if they are limited).


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