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The Coach Role in TED*

How Do I See Others?
A pivotal role within TED* (* The Empowerment Dynamic)™, a Coach views others as being ultimately capable and resourceful. A Coach sees each person as a Creator in their own right, and seeks to support them in the process of creating outcomes. Coach is the positive alternative to the drama triangle role of Rescuer.

“A TED* Coach is fully engaged in the field of play—the Creator Orientation—in his or her own life. First and foremost, a Coach knows he or she is a Creator, and sees other people as Creators as well… A Coach leaves power with the Creator and seeks only to help facilitate personal progress. A Coach is an embodiment of a Creator’s desire to share power with another.”
–    The Power of TED*, chapter 8

A Coach asks questions that help clarify envisioned outcomes, current realities, and possible Baby Steps (small sequential actions that lead toward lasting change). A Coach dares a Creator to dream and look for pathways for bringing their envisioned outcomes to fruition.

A Coach is the antidote to the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT)™ role of Rescuer, as originally identified in the Karpman Drama Triangle. The Rescuer is any person or activity (such as an addiction) that serves to help a Victim relieve the “pain” of Victimhood. As an activity, the Rescuer helps the Victim “numb out”.

Despite having helpful intentions, the Rescuer as a person reinforces the Victim’s “poor me” self-identity and reinforces the Victim’s sense of powerlessness. This renders the Victim dependent upon the Rescuer for a sense of safety – a bond forged by the Victim’s shame for needing to be rescued and cemented by the Rescuer’s own fear of abandonment or loss of purpose.

A Coach supports yet keeps the “power” with the other and encourages independence and interdependence on those they serve.

Power of TED* Book Notes

  • Learn more about the Creator role in Chapter 6, “The Creator Orientation” and Chapter 8, “The Empowerment Dynamic”
  • Learn more about the Persecutor role in Chapter 2, “The Dreaded Drama Triangle”
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