I have been thinking a lot about health lately – for several reasons:

  • Many of my baby boomer generation of friends a facing a range of health challenges, from cancer, to Parkinson’s disease, to obesity, to diabetes – you name it.  Since the first of the year, there have been two entries: “Empowering Healthcare” and “Dis-Ease as a Spiritual Practice
  • I just passed my 57th birthday and see the next age milestone looming on the horizon.

Most importantly, I am currently in the process of co-authoring a book applying The Power of TED* to diabetes as an example of how we can shift our relationship from reacting to our diagnosis as a Persecutor to responding to it as a health Challenger?

Why diabetes?  Because I was diagnosed with Type 2 about 6 years ago.  While I have done a decent job of managing and maintaining it at a relatively stable level (it actually has declined somewhat), I must admit that my basic response has been from the Victim Orientation in which I saw diabetes as a problem to be reacted to.  As I result, I have ridden the all-too-normal rollercoaster of doing the right things, then slacking off, and then doing the right things again, only to slack off yet again.

I have now chosen to get off the rollercoaster!  Instead of being a Victim to diabetes and focusing on what I don’t want, I hereby commit, as a Creator, to shift my focus to creating optimal health – now and for the rest of my life.  Not only is it a declaration for my health, it is an act of integrity – how could I write such a book without walking my talk?

Having so declared, the “twin sisters” of serendipity and synchronicity have shown their faces.  About a month ago, my wife Donna and I learned from a couple of friends about Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson’s Habits of Health program.  What is especially amazing about his work showing up for us at this time is that his process of creating optimal health is built on the foundation of Robert Fritz’s concept of “Structural Tension” – the very same model from which Dynamic Tension in The Power of TED* is derived.

It is as easy – but not at all simple – as choosing optimal health as a fundamental choice; telling the truth about current reality (both what I am doing that supports optimal health and those behaviors and habits that inhibit my manifesting that envisioned outcome”.

I began the process just this week and will be sharing insights from my journey of creating optimal health.  As I have assesses my current reality this past week, one of the BFO’s (Blinding Flash of the Obvious” from Dr A. (as they call him) is that “non-sick” is not the same as healthy.  I have been blesses this past winter to be non-sick, but now is the time to make shift happen from that state of being to optimal health.





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