This morning the phone at the office rang.  It was David Dadian, a long-time TED* enthusiast (and occasional blogger here).  He shared about his recent business successes – a good of which he attributes to his company’s application of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) – and a particular project that he has been working on to introduce TED* into his son’s school.

He had called to report a breakthrough.  As he did, he made a comment made so often: “I’ve been taking the baby steps, but it has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated.”

It was great reminder to pass on – that creating takes time.  We often don’t know what the actual time line will be.  Weather it is a project at work; a relationship at home or elsewhere in our lives; or an artistic expression, all we can do is keep taking the baby steps in the creating process.

When things do take longer than anticipated, it is important to not despair and fall into the role of Victim, reacting to delays or setbacks as a Persecutor.  Instead, see it as a Challenger and take each step as an opportunity to learn, grow and innovate.  By doing so, over time, progress will be made.

Thanks for the reminder, David!


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