One of the misconceptions about adopting a Creator Orientation is that this way of being is somehow always “goodness and light.” We can only wish that it were so!

While anxiety (or fear) is the primary motivational energy of the Victim Orientation, making the shift to a more empowered way of living does not mean an end to this most human of feelings and emotion.  But it does mean that our relationship and response to it can grow.

Years ago, a participant in a workshop for staff and volunteers of a chemical dependency and alcoholism unit of a local hospital made a declaration that has stayed with me.  The workshop that I was co-facilitating was entitled “Creating Recovery.”  As the participant stood to share what he wanted out of the day-long experience, he said: “I want to live this way while learning to dance with the anxiety.”

Dancing with the anxiety.

That is what I am doing today – and experience many days.  Donna and I are preparing for a 2-week journey to India (which, I am certain, will provide much fodder for future blogs!).  As our departure looms, the list of tasks needing to be accomplished before we go seems to grow, rather than diminish.

Yet all of the tasks are baby steps in service to envisioned outcomes I care passionately about creating.  “Can I get it all done?”  “What will happen if something falls through the cracks?”  “What is the most important thing to focus on?”  All these questions – this self talk – is related to the anxiety I feel in the process of creating while preparing for what we anticipate will be an amazing journey.

However, rather than reacting to the anxiety in ways that constrict or immobilize, the key is to channel that energy into “taking the next step” in the dance – the process – of creating.