This past weekend I had the pleasure of a visit from a couple of  long-time friends.  One of them was raised Jewish and she shared that sundown Sunday was Yom Kippur, which concludes the 10-day process of the “Days of Awe”  in that faith tradition. Her description of the spiritual purpose behind the period of time – which is (in my words) to reflect on the past year, on your quality of relationships with others and your life, and to look to the year ahead – really stuck with me.

Such reflection encourages us to shift our relationship interactions (with others and life) out of the Dreaded Drama Triangle and into the Creator Orientation and TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic).

That evening there was an article in the Sunday Seattle Times, entitled “Reflections on what makes life meaningful,” which described the Book of Life Project of the University of Washington’s Hillel organization.  The project invites people to submit responses to this compelling question: “What line would you write as your life’s inscription (in the Book of Life)?”

Wow – what a great question to ponder as a Creator!  It also reminds me of a reflection process that I sometimes use in seminars: “Your 100th Birthday.”  Here it is:

Sit quietly; take a deep breath; slowly exhale and allow yourself to relax and let go of whatever is on/in your mind (do this as many times as you need to get into a relaxed and focused inner space).

Then imagine that you are in a car which pulls up in front of a house.  Above the door of the house is a banner that reads “Happy 100th Birthday (and your name)!”  You are led through the door and into the living room.  In the living room is a chair that is the “place of honor” for you to sit in.  As you sit down and look around the room, you see that you are surrounded by family, friends, colleagues, etc.  One by one they each stands and raises a toast to you in honor of you and your life.

What do they say about you, your life and the contribution you have been to their lives?

What they speak is that which is being inscribed in your “book of life!” I’d love to hear from you what you “hear” them saying!

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