This past January, I posted a blog on “Empowering Healthcare,” which is a topic that continues to grow in importance for me.  As a “Baby Boomer” I know that more and more of my generation faces the challenges that come with age.  And, yet, I also know that at any age and in any “condition” we can choose to create “optimal health” in our lives.

That said, optimal health may be constrained by the current reality in which we find ourselves.  Even within the constraints of dis-ease, as Creators we have the capacity to choose our response.

I am inspired by my dear friend, Barry Heermann’s response to his recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.  Barry has made the choice to meet this “current reality” as a Challenger that brings with it lessons to be learned.  Barry truly sees himself and his life from a spiritual perspective.

His response?  To start a blog to share and write about his journey and relationship with his dis-ease. It is entitled “Parkinson’s Disease as a Spiritual Path.”  The following are two excerpts from it:

“The dawn of the new day has brought a remarkable quality of light to what initially appeared as darkness engulfing me. As a result of this emerging light my life has changed in many positive ways that I would never have expected. I now hold my dis-ease as a kind of gift that prompts me to greater consciousness. Instead of being engulfed by some dark, alien, invasive force, I see my Parkinson’s as a spiritual journey…

The best case scenario: my Parkinson’s might be contained, perhaps even healed. The worst case: my emotional and spiritual well-being would be enhanced at a level so as to better embrace and hold whatever physiological ailment might unfold.”

His blog and the vulnerability and depth of insight it contains speaks to all of us who seek to live life as a Creator, regardless of our start of health and well-being.

Thanks, Barry, for sharing your journey with us!