One of the axioms in the field of leadership development is that “a strength overused becomes a weakness.”  For instance, having an Action Orientation that is overused can result in being overly driven, workaholism, even burnout.

A recent blog by William Winstone, of Self Aware Sports Psychology, provided a cause to pause and consider how the Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer roles of the Drama Triangle might manifest as strengths overused or overextended.

In the blog, he describes the following qualities:

  • Assertiveness – the ability to say what I want  in a direct way, but also to do it in a way that allows me to listen and take on board other people’s perspectives.
  • Care and Concern – the ability to look after others and to nurture.
  • Openness and Vulnerability – this allows us to be cared for, to enter into relationships without rigid barriers.

Excessive assertiveness can easily put us in the Persecutor role.  Care and concern overused can lead us into becoming a Rescuer.  Openness and vulnerability – overextended – can set us up to become, or at least be treated by others as, a Victim.

In choosing to live life as a Creator, assertiveness becomes one important characteristic of a conscious, constructive Challenger.  Care and concern are at the heart of being a Coach in support of others.  Openness and vulnerability is not antithetical to an effective Creator.  Relationships rooted in The Empowerment Dynamic maintain and leverage those strengths in ourselves and in others.


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