The following post comes from “TED* Fan” David Dadian:

In recent weeks we have all been inundated with the media’s reports of the controversial arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates or, as I refer to his break-in into his home, “Gates Gate”!  The drama was dreaded and so was the triangle. Professor Gates was observed by his neighbor, Lucia Whalen, trying to gain entry to his home, she then phoned the police and Sgt. Crowley had the luck-of-the-draw in responding.

So, for starters we have Lucia Whalen (in an odd way, a Rescuer) Professor Gates( soon to be Victim ) and Sgt. Crowley  (soon to be Persecutor ). This case then takes on an interesting twist, with the entrance of other entities, specifically President Obama and the media.

Each participant begins a wild trip around the triangle. Professor Gates begins as the Victim, and morphs into a Persecutor, when he accuses Sgt. Crowley of racial profiling.  Sgt. Crowley, as a police officer enters as a Rescuer, then is seen as the Persecutor and morphs into a Victim.  Lucia Whalen, here considered a Rescuer as she reports a possible break-in, becomes a Victim and is then persecuted by the media.

Then President Obama weighs in as a Rescuer, but in the blink of an eye turns Persecutor, Victim and by forces greater than perhaps he even can understand, is propelled back into the Rescuer role. It can be argued that perhaps by being driven back into the Rescuer role, the President had an opportunity to move into the Creator Orientation. His beer summit could have been used to Coach, Challenge and Create a whole new reality toward addressing the issue of racism in this country, but I fear this was not the case and the meeting was simply a media opportunity to take the heat off the President.

This event raises a few questions, first, who is the Victim here?
How could utilizing FISBE have aided in preventing the entire incident?
How is it that highly educated and well trained people missed being in the Creator Orientation?

Kind Regards,

David C. Dadian

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