The past few months have included a steep learning curve on how to create and offer The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) as an e-book (to the uninitiated – which I was – that means “electronic books).  It has also been an application of Dynamic Tension in creating an envisioned outcome.

For those who have not yet read TED*, Dynamic Tension is central to The Empowerment Dynamic and Creator Orientation.  It involves three primary steps: 1. defining the Vision/Outcome: 2. discerning Current Reality (both aspects that Support and that Inhibit manifesting the Outcome); and 3. taking Baby Steps.

We set out with the intention of offering TED* in as many e-book formats as possible (we were surprised to learn how many there are!) and have them available before the holiday gift-giving season. That was the Vision/Outcome to be created.

As we began our Current Reality, one of the primary “supports” was that The Power of TED* is self-published, so we did not need to convince or consult someone on the decision to move ahead with e-book publishing.  One of the primary “inhibitors” was that we did not know anything about the process.

So, we investigated and learned – and took countless baby steps.  We were very excited when we learned about Smashwords, an e-publishing service that would translate The Power of TED* into all the e-book formats.  The book was converted to the base format and submitted.  We hit the “send” button and before we knew it, TED* was up on the site and available.  Hurray!

Only there was a glitch.  The illustrations contained in the book ended up looking like little icons and, in some cases, were unidentifiable.  Indeed, this was a baby step away from the intended outcome.

That required us to reassess our Vision/Outcome.  Was it more important to have the illustrations or to make the content of the book available electronically?  We decided on the later – that those who choose to read on e-readers are most interested in the content and concepts.  The illustrations were deleted and the book resubmitted.

The result (hurray again!) is that The Power of TED* is now available on both Smashwords and Amazon’s Kindle!

As we harness Dynamic Tension in creating envisioned outcomes, each baby step we take helps move closer to – and/or become clearer about – our vision.  In this case, it became clear that the vision of e-publishing the content was more important than the wonderful illustrations in the book.

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