Looking back we can observe how the decisions we made in the past created the life we have now. It is interesting to think about the “trace lines,” seeing how events unfolded gradually, one thing leading to another. When we realize how our work and personal lives unfold in this way, it is harder to fool ourselves into thinking that in the current moment we “make” things happen.

What gets created in our lives is actually a series of sometimes linked and other times serendipitous decisions and events. The creating process is not usually an organized, linear process. Rather, it is a pathway of listening and discovering – and paying attention to what seems to be emerging. This holds true for leaders of large organizations, as well as individuals meeting new friends and developing relationships.

In addition to paying attention to the emerging trends and streams in our lives, as Creators we also turn our focus inward to our yearnings and intentions. We pause, observe and closely pay attention to the inner yearning and we ask, “What wants to emerge?” It is then that we can listen to that “still small voice” of intuition and insight and then take a step toward allowing it to come forward.

As you listen with a Creator mindset, you will become aware of more information. Learning with each step will lead to another and another. Again, this works when we are focusing on our business or in our personal life. As time passes, you will be able to look back, linking the insights and how each step led to another and another.

This creative process is very dynamic. It requires trust and embracing the mystery of how things unfold. Once we can let go of the idea that we need to see the entire path, we can be with the questions, “What wants to emerge?” and “What’s the next Baby Step that I can take?” as a new and empowering way to create the life and work that we want.

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