Welcome back, Kathy Haskin, for another guest posting!  Great observation of an “everyday” situation through the lens of the The Power of TED*!


With the first batter, the first game of the season began.  Strike one; strike two; strike three.  Parents and players surrounded the field with cheers.  The next teenager strode up to the plate.  Ball one; ball two…after four he took his base.

“OK, just throw strikes,” the coach directed.  The next batter waited through two balls, one a wild pitch in the dirt.  “Your body isn’t following your arm!” the coach tried a new direction.  With two more outside pitches, the runners advanced.

“That’s ok, get this batter…just throw it in there,” Mom’s voice added to the growing din.

The next pitch met the batter’s shoulder with a fast thud.  Bases loaded, the pitcher retreated deep into his thoughts.  Looking up, he found the coach standing in front of him, the catcher at his side.  The parents wondered what was being said, the players knew.

Return to play introduced a surprisingly new tone.  The coach turned and said (not shouted), “Throw it in there Cody, hit the mitt.”

The shortstop spoke, “Throw a strike Cody, I am right behind you.”

Strike One.

The second baseman supported the play, “Yes, throw a strike, we’re right behind you.”

Strike two.

Voices continued from the fields – right, left and center, “Right in there Cody, if they hit it we’ll get it.”

Strike three! The batter returned to the dugout, as the next one approached.  Bases still loaded, two outs.

“Right in there, come in fast.”

“Right behind you…” The coach challenged; the players coached.  Strike one, two, three!

In the end, no hits were earned while he was on the mound.  At the beginning of what is sure to be a great season, this team created a victory with the power of support.  Just one year ago, this young man most likely would have slipped into one of the drama triangle roles after the eighth straight ball, certainly after he hit the batter with the curveball that didn’t curve.  Was it his growing maturity?  Growing skills?  Was it the outcome-oriented approaches of his teammates and coaches?  Whatever it was, he was clearly a Creator in the moment.

It was great baseball last night and a glimmer of what our son can do with his growing skills, confidence and The Empowerment Dynamic (TED).


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