I have been thinking a lot about health and wellness lately – and not just because I missed posting a blog yesterday due to an end-of-summer cold (yes, even a Creator can get a cold!).  Weight has always been a challenge and being diagnosed with TYPE 2 diabetes several years ago was a great attention-getter or, rather, Challenger (in the parlance of TED*).

As a result, the past few years I have developed a pretty good discipline around exercising – mostly running, biking or hitting the elliptical machine at the gym 4-5 times each week.  The other day I was running and engaging in the “inner deal making” that often accompanies my exercising: “When I get to the top of that hill, I can walk for 60 seconds,” or “how much farther do I have to go?” and “boy, this is boring and I’d rather be doing just about anything else!”

Then it struck me: I was reacting to exercise as a Persecutor!  I found myself firmly in the Victim Orientation, seeing exercise as a “necessary evil” in reaction to my weight and health challenges.

So, as I ran, I engaged the practice of shifting from a Victim to a Creator Orientation by asking myself: “What do I want here – and why am I choosing to exercise?”  The answer came clear: to create health!  From this perspective, I now see exercise as a Challenger supporting me in creating health. 

The negative self-talk has now been replaced by a “mantra” that I repeat as I run: “I am… creating health.”  It has two parts – one for the in-breath and one for the out-breath: “I am” (as I inhale) “creating health” (as I exhale).

Running has never been so enjoyable as my self-talk has been released to focus on what I want to create – while creating health!

What is your relationship with exercise?  Do you hold it as a Persecutor or a Challenger?


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