Here I am, sitting in Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. on the way to Richmond, VA to work for a client.  The flight from Seattle to “IAD” was easy – even arrived a few minutes early.

Then the message showed up on the Blackberry: the flight to Richmond was delayed almost 2 hours – just about the time it takes to drive from here to there.

So I explored my options.

The airline said there would be no problem if I did not take the flight and they would just make a note in my record so that my return flights would not be cancelled.  Then I called the rental car company, only to find that the cost of the car would more than double – not a cost I could pass on to the client.

Rather than taking the situation as a Victim, I took action as a Creator by determining the range of options that were available.  Once I determined that the best course of action was to find a place to check email and write, I went about creating by writing this blog posting.

Half way through writing, I received the message that the flight to Richmond was moved up a half-hour and I’d be on my way earlier than I thought (still delayed, but not by as much).

When life throws you a lemon, you may not always be able to make lemonade, but there are other things you can do with the lemon.  Get creative and explore the options!


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