Donna has never bought a lottery ticket.   When she hears about huge lottery games that reach mega-millions, she notices that she sometimes gets lost for several minutes fantasizing about what she would do with all that money.   Once she brings herself back to reality she reflects:   “What drama I can create about the future and I haven’t even bought a ticket!”

Clarifying what we want to create is fundamental to the role of a Creator.  However, when we spend our life fantasizing about the future, we victimize ourselves by continually focusing on what we don’t have.   Once we go down that road, we may say to our self:  “What’s wrong with me that I don’t have my idealized future now?”   We begin to believe we will never have what we want or that we are not worthy of receiving whatever we fantasize about.

A Creator in TED* (* Empowerment Dynamic) ™ has the capacity to clarify the outcomes they want.  We are not saying that dreaming about the future will deter you from stepping into the Creator role.  Rather, we are saying that obsessively fantasizing about the future will draw you into grasping toward something you don’t currently have.

Modern society is filled with future temptations about more things, more money, a better job or relationship.  Obsessing about the future gains energy because we believe our happiness depends on getting what we want in the future.  To alleviate the anxiety, we give the mind relief by thinking more about the future and wishing things would be different than they really are.

Grasping toward the future causes the mind to contract and have a narrow view of what is possible.  The irony is that when the future moment arrives as the “now” we have trained our mind to continue its obsessiveness about the future.  When that is the case, joy and happiness in the present moment (which was once the future) is not available to us, no matter how abundant the current circumstances may be.

We recommend becoming more aware of your tendency to fantasize about your future.  Observe your wandering mind and where it goes.   By just observing your mind, you will bring it back to the here and now.   This practice will help prevent being possessed by the future and will support you in living more fully in the current now.

As a Creator, setting your sights on intended outcomes, while telling the truth about current reality, will create the future you will live into, which may be fantastic but not a fantasy.

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