Navigating through “dark times” in life can bring up all kinds of doubts and insecurities.  The past couple of days – as I wrote about yesterday – have been of that sort.

When I hit such a patch of rough going, it easy to fall into the dissonant mental chatter that is often referred to as the “imposter syndrome.”   If only people knew…

Just because I teach about how to move beyond the Dreaded Drama Triangle and problem-focused Victim Orientation does not mean that I have mastered and always exhibit a Creator Orientation and TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic),I candidly convey that in workshops, but  there is that part of me that wants to believe I should “have it all down” by now.

But no one does.  It is part of the human experience to “fall down” at times along the way.  As a Creator, the key is to get back up and keep baby stepping along.

As I write this, I am reminded of a portion of a poem I wrote many years ago, entitled “Break Camp:”

The growth curve of bringing into being

desires of the soul’s creations,

is not a smooth upward slope of

          easy climbing.

It is a path of mountain peaks that

         traverses though hallows of

         the soul’s doubt and despair,

         dark as night in the thick

overgrowth of deeply held beliefs.


The only way up is through,

          even when the stone of the next step

          is all that one can see and

         nettles of this moment

         prick the Spirit

         and wants retreat


The only way up is through.


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