Happy New Year!

As expected, the past few days have been filled with blogs and messages of admonition to set goals, intentions, and/or outcomes for the New Year.  Indeed, as a Creator, the practice of reflecting on the year just completed and looking ahead to what calls to be created in the time ahead is important and useful.

When it comes to writing or capturing what you want to create, how you frame your statements is a significant consideration.

Use language that states your envisioned outcomes as already complete.

Most people use language that is tentative and that sounds more like a “hope for” or a “going for” focus.  This leads to opening words like “I will be.” “I want,” or other ways of putting the vision somewhere “out there,” like a distant land one is journeying toward.

When harnessing Dynamic Tension for action planning, state the outcome in present tense language.  Word stems such as “I am…” or “I have…” helps you step into the vision as already fully complete.  Then expand and refine the envisioned outcomes by identifying the defining qualities and characteristics that you see, feel and experience in you “look around” IN the vision.

Be forewarned, as you engage in this process of seeing and languaging your outcome(s) as fully complete, there will be that part of you that will resist and object with self-talk like “that’s not possible” or “yeah, right!”  This is the voice of “current reality,” which is important to assess – but not when you are focusing your vision.

With your intentions set as already complete, engage in the daily practice of committing to the baby steps that you take in living into that vision.


Refocusing TED* Thoughts for 2011

As I have been focusing on my own envisioned outcomes for the year ahead, I have determined that it is time to move to a weekly posting here in “TED* Thoughts.”  With initiatives, such as the writing of the first of the TED* Application Series books, will take additional time and energy.

So, I hope you will continue to join me – now on a weekly basis.

As always, I welcome thoughts, feedback, questions – and even guest blogs!

Here to a happy, healthy, purposeful and prosperous 2011!


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