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Getting Your Stuck Clients Unstuck:
Applying the Power of TED* Frameworks in Your Coaching Practice

Place: The comfort of your home or office. All webinar sessions recorded. Special equipment is not needed.
Contact: if you are interested in more information about this program.

Listen as Donna discusses how to stop rescuing and start coaching!

Whether a certified professional coach, an internal coach, or a team leader who coaches and develops your team members, this webinar is for you.

Praise for TED* for Coaches

“Thanks for a great class. It is very relevant – all of it – the DDT, change stages, action planning, etc. We are going through a lot of change at work and it all is very helpful.

This course is good for both someone who is coaching, counseling, HR, OE or for personal application. It has very practical application in many areas and the learning is re-enforced with homework. I learned alot from the class that I will apply to both my clients and myself.”
Marie Totah

“A really powerful webinar, a 10 out of 10.  It makes you think about your own thinking, habitual patterns and provides a credible antidote with which to work.
And the worksheets are invaluable.”
Tara Nola, Professional Coach
Dublin, Ireland
“I loved this webinar. It was a great tool for building my coaching muscles, as well as doing some self-reflection and creating awareness with my own Drama Triangle.”
Jessica Harrington, Practice Management Coach
HD Vest Financial Services

Coaches all over the world are raving about how the Power of TED* frameworks are transforming the way they work with their clients and fellow workers. Join Donna Zajonc, MCC and Barb McAllister, MCC to learn the TED* frameworks and how to easily yet profoundly get both yourself and your stuck clients unstuck.

“I have already told several coaches about this webinar;  highly worth it; great investment, take it!”
Jane Patterson Abbate
Cornerstone Team Development

“I wanted to let you know how valuable this workshop has been so far!  In many ways, it was just what I needed when I felt a tad stuck with coaching.  From the very first session, I started using the material and I have felt a sort of transformation with the way I am  showing up for clients.  Thank you!”
Janet Boguch, ACC, Principal
Wide Angle Coaching™

“Very solid agenda each and every class. Great notes as well as visuals. Absolutely delivered on what was advertised.”
Steve Axel, PCC – SVP Robertson Lowstuter

“I rate this class a 10. I can see this has huge implications on my coaching. It has given me a meta-framework that helps give almost a super structure. It can turn your life around.”
Nikki Thompson, Inner Circle Work

The Power of TED* webinar is based upon David Emerald’s popular book, The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic). Corporate coaches and life coaches alike confirm that TED* offers a simple yet profound way for coaches and clients to shift out of the drama into more empowering roles, ways of thinking, interacting and taking action. Both you and your clients will immediately begin to use the easy to understand TED* concepts with amazing simplicity and ease.

We are confident you will leave our six training sessions with:

  • TED* frameworks to enhance your coaching practice
  • Powerful questions that will transform your coaching practice
  • Practices and exercises to deepen your learning
  • An increased awareness of your own drama roles when you get “hooked” by your client and ways to shift those patterns
  • A “powerboost” to energize your coaching
  • Ways to work with your clients ambivalence, and
  • Ways to challenge your clients to shift their focus from what they don’t want to what they do want

You will also learn:

  • How TED* creates resourceful roles of Creator, Challenger and Coach, as an antidote to the victim-oriented roles from Steven Karpman’s Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT)
  • A simple but powerful structure to support your clients to get into action
  • The importance of getting yourself unstuck in order to challenge your stuck clients

This is primarily a training session; opportunities for real time coaching are limited.

Donna Zajonc, MCC & Barb McAllister, MCC

Meet Your Facilitators
Donna Zajonc, MCC
is Director of Learning and Coaching Services for The Power of TED*. She applies the TED* work in her coaching, facilitating and speaking work, to help clients focus on creating bold and powerful choices.

Having had a full-time professional coaching practice for many years, Donna collaborates with David Emerald, author of The Power of TED* as both wife and business partner.

Barb McAllister, MCCTwenty-six years with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in increasingly responsible management and leadership positions. Won EPA’s National Excellence in Management Award, and completed the requirements of the Senior Executive Service Candidate program. I coached managers and supervisors in performance management, creating a culture of accountability, giving and receiving feedback, and conflict management and resolution.

Program questions about the Webinar?
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Or Call Donna at 206-780-9300 or Barb at 206-799-9446.

“This workshop was a pleasant surprise, so professionally run, great examples and resources. Well done!”
Kelly Cooper-Slayton, MBA, PCC
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