“Forgiveness is giving up the hope of ever having a better past. There’s nothing you can do to change the past, but you can choose how you think about what has already happened in your life. You then apply the learning from that experience to the process of creating what you care about.”  So states Ted in The Power of TED*.

This is true for life’s trivial slights and missteps – and for the “big stuff.”  We cannot escape the Dreaded Drama Triangle without some measure of forgiveness. 

I cannot go back in time and somehow post the blogs I skipped while in Australia.  In the “grand scheme of things” it is not that big of a deal.  Even so, I needed to forgive myself and reboot the process.

The “big stuff” may take a bit more work.  It could be family/growing up stuff; work and career stuff; or maybe past (or current) spouse, significant-other, or lover stuff.   Whatever or whomever it was and whatever happened is now history. 

Forgiveness is not forgetting.  It is the process of letting go of the past, learning from it (which is why it is not about forgetting) and turning your face to the future and what you want to create.  Forgiving frees up the energy to create and is a much more constructive and resourceful use of your energy. 

What is awaiting forgiveness in your life?  What could you be creating instead?


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