Welcome to 2012!  The beginning of a New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start.  (And speaking of fresh starts, notice the new “look” of “TED* Thoughts” and check out our new website!)

Chances are that the majority of blogs written this past week – like this TED* Thoughts – are focused on resolutions, goals and intentions for the year ahead.  Rather than focus on specific plans and objectives, I invite you to join me in the following framework within which such outcomes can be created:

  1. Let go of the past – It can be helpful in preparing for a fresh start to review what has come before.  If your year had been like mine, it has had lows and highs; breakdowns and breakthroughs; failures and successes.  That is the nature of the human experience.  Learning from experience is an important part of being a Creator.  Retain the lessons learned, reconcile the past to the past, and turn your attention to today and the future.  For some, letting go of the past requires practicing forgiveness (for more, see the December, 2010 “TED* Letter”).
  2. Set your Orientation – Adopt a Creator Orientation.  Focus on the outcomes you want to create.  Tap your passion for creating and for the possibilities that call to you.  As friend and colleague, Abby Straus, shared in a New Years Day email, “The future doesn’t come to you. It comes through you.”  In addition, as a Creator, choose your response to the circumstances that arise in your life.  You create through the choices you make.
  3. Co-Create – You cannot not create.  You also cannot create without some form of collaboration – seen or unseen; physically, mentally and/or spiritually (for more, see the January, 2011 “TED* Letter”).  As you take action in manifesting your outcomes, interact with others through the roles of Creator, Challenger and Coach that make up TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic).  Create by harnessing Dynamic Tension: envision outcomes, tell the truth about current reality, and commit to taking Baby Steps toward your vision.
  4. Reflect on your experience – As you work Dynamic Tension and take Baby Steps, pause to reflect on what is working; what is not working; and what you are learning.
  5. Acknowledge contributions – As you co-create, recognize and express gratitude for successes, forward progress and the support you receive from collaborators (whether seen or unseen).  And acknowledge and appreciate your own role in achieving outcomes.

May this framework help you in making a fresh start in creating your future and the best year ever!

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