There is a dual meaning and application of the word generosity when it comes to being a Creator in The Empowerment Dynamic (TED*).  The first is direct and rather obvious.  The second is more subtle and, at times, overlooked.

1.  Creators generate outcomes.  We bring into being envisioned outcomes.  Here the focus is on what we manifest in our lives: relationships, personal qualities, “things,” projects, etc.

However, in order manifest any outcome, Creators work in collaboration with others.  Even as I write this blog alone in my office, I do so using a word processing application programmed by others; the blog site and application were developed by another software company; the dictionary I consulted on the words associated with “generosity” was written and published by still others; years ago teachers taught me to write; and the list can go on.

 The reality is, we cannot create without others, which brings us to consider what we generate as we interact with others as Creators.

2. The generosity of Creators.  As we create, we leave in the wake of our creating not only the outcomes we manifest.  We also send ripples of perceptions, feelings, spirit, and other less tangible remnants of the process of our creating out into the world.

 My dad used to have a bumper sticker that read; “Courtesy is Contagious.”  Courtesy generates courtesy.  Competition begets competition.  Collaboration spawns collaboration.

 How we create with others is just as important as what we create.


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