As mentioned in the last post, this past week I had the pleasure of participating as a coach Mesa Research Group’s “Global Leadership Program” (GLP) in Paris.

One day of the program was dedicated to understanding the global business environment.  All of the participants are senior leaders in businesses that have a global presence.  The day included a history of the emergence of global economic, geopolitical and cultural factors since the late 1940’s.  It helped those in the class come to see the complexity of globalization in a new light.  At the end of the day, many spoke of how the increased understanding helped them make sense of their struggles in the global business arena.

As I observed and listened, it also brought to mind some of the brilliant insights of Teilhard de Chardin.  Of course, he was a French scientist and Jesuit priest, so sitting in the heart of Paris probably was part of the invocation of this influence on my own thinking and worldview.  I could write a whole book – or at least a long treatise – on the ways in which his conclusions about the evolution of consciousness have informed much of my focus over the past 25 years.

But how, you might ask, does conscious evolution have to do with globalization.  One word: complexity.  With globalization comes complexity and its many ramifications.

About evolution, Teilhard observed that evolution involves two streams of development: increased complexity and increased consciousness.  The direction of evolution, he further postulated, is the convergence of increased complexity and increased consciousness, breaking through to a higher order level of simplicity.

As it relates to globalized business, understanding the underlying components of the complex systems and their interplay helped the GLP participants “break through” and perceive their challenges in a new way.

It is similar – in a very real way – to what people report about TED*.  By understanding the Victim Orientation and its Dreaded Drama Triangle, they break through to a “higher order simplicity” by seeing the roles and dynamics at play in their lives.  But, as has been often said in the world of TED*, “simple does not mean easy.”

Global realities are not easy.  Shifting and evolving into a Creator Orientation and TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) is not easy.  That said, deepening our understanding opens the way for a more conscious way of living, working and relating with others.



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