Milestones are important to recognize and celebrate.  Dates like birthdays, major holidays, and anniversaries can be an important time to pause and reflect on the year past – and to set intentions for the future.

Last week (July 15th, to be exact) was the one-year anniversary of “TED* Thoughts.”  Since then there have been 139 posts (not quite three each week).  Readership has seen steady growth – though how many are actually reading it is difficult to gauge.  Some have subscribed and receive it directly while others read it on Facebook and still others are exposed through “blog aggregators.”

The truth is, I sometimes wonder how much it is read and if it makes a difference.  All along I have concluded that this blog is a place in which I can share my thoughts and observations, like in a journal (after all, the origins of “blog” is derived from a “web log,” or journal).  In addition, I have been grateful for a number of guest bloggers who have added their voice, stories and perspective.

Whether it makes any difference was forever disspelled last week when I receive the following message from “K.P.” via Facebook:

The Power of TED* was in action this weekend. I had a friend in crisis and asked if she could come over. I said yes, of course, as she was truly upset and devastated. I sat with her for many hours…As I sat with her, I thought, ‘How can I truly be of help? I can see what she needs, but she needs to realize this on her own. How can I do this for her?’

I had just read TED’s blog post, and instead of rehashing and analyzing who did what and why and when and how awful things were and how that felt and trying to comfort (rescue) her, I instead listened and geared my responses and questions (intuitively, since I only read the one post!) to empower her as a Creator and let her create small goals for herself to move forward instead of remain mired in her drama and her situation. (And repeat these same mistakes I’ve watched her make over and over for the past 10 years that I’ve known her.)

The next evening I got a text message from her thanking me for my honesty, telling me she took a lot of time for herself that day and thought about what we’d discussed, and she realized that she needed to make some changes in herself. She said she appreciated me and loved me very much and I was a great friend… your fortuitous blog post really crystallized the intention and helped me to get her there.”

K.P.’s message, along with recent comments on the last TED* Thoughts entry and additional comments during the year that have been posted here or on Facebook, refects the original vision put forth in the first blog posting: Welcome to “TED* Thoughts!

Thanks for allowing my web-log to into your life and for your comments.  The intention going forward is the same we started with – to build a collaborative learning community to put TED* into practice in our lives and in our world.

So, keep the comments, stories and questions coming.  And, if you feel called to offer a guest blog, please email me ( and let me know!

(P.S. With this anniversary comes  a short vacation to celebrate and recharge the creative batteries.  As a result, the next several blog posts are going to be drawn from earlier posts.  I will be back with new thoughts and resp0nses to comments the 1st of August. )


To the Creator in you!

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