We are delighted to welcome Dawn Rising as a guest contributor to “TED* Thoughts.”  She is a Health Empowerment Coach, and the owner of Nutri-Health UK Ltd, an online health and wellbeing portal. Dawn recently created a Weight Loss and Wellbeing Boot Camp Blog and we learned about her work when she included a post about The Power of TED*.  Dawn shared with us that she considers TED* a valuable and insightful tool, especially in the arenas of wellbeing, weight loss and health.  Thanks, Dawn, for applying TED* to health!


It’s a fact that we all create our own lives. This is true whether we do it deliberately and consciously, or accidentally and unconsciously. One of the major aims of my work is to increase awareness and understanding of just how much control we have in creating our own story. An important part of that awareness is recognition of the ‘roles’ that we tend to adopt within our lives.

s David Emerald points out in The Power of TED*, there are two very different orientations from which we can choose to live, and the roles we can adopt within them: ‘The Dreaded Drama Triangle’ (DDT) is the home of the Victim, the Persecutor and the Rescuer, whilst ‘The Empowerment Dynamic’ (TED) houses the Creator, the Challenger and the Coach.

At the core of every single unhealthy lifestyle I’ve ever come across, including my own, lays a Victim.

In my experience, when encouraging a Victim to become a Creator, one of the fundamental building blocks they lack is good nutrition. It’s not a link that many people would consider obvious, but ‘we are what we eat’.

My own path towards great good health and increasing wellbeing began with that very realisation some 10 years ago. With hindsight it is very clear to me that I was living as a Victim; my unhealthy lifestyle and relationship were my Persecutors. I used to ask myself how it could be my fault that my partner was ‘behaving like that’ or ‘didn’t understand me’. I’d be thinking ‘poor me’ because I was unwell and overweight. It hadn’t occurred that I wasn’t taking responsibility for my life; I hadn’t grasped that I was response-able and change needed to come from me – not to me.

Our food has a direct effect on our mood.

Classic Victim behaviour can include filling up on junk food – ‘comfort’ eating. Others might turn to alcohol, but in reality these anaesthetics are all just forms of Rescuers, that are bound to become Persecutors.

Once the immediate ‘hit’ of comfort is over, the consequences of poor eating (gaining weight, lack of energy, illness and low mood) begin to manifest. As any nutritionist can tell you, a poor diet is ultimately going to result in a person feeling even more of a Victim.

Whilst those unhealthy options may superficially cover up and avoid the situation for a moment, the root of the problem will still be there, gnawing away…

Breaking the cycle means to understand the food choices we make, and why we make them. I always encourage clients to begin by eating more fresh, living raw foods – the more vibrant and alive our food is, the stronger we feel. Energy begets energy after all!

By living a cleaner, healthier life, we are more empowered to make better decisions for ourselves – being the change we want to see.

If you recognise yourself playing a DDT role, The Power of TED* really can give you all the tools you need to help shift and change your story, discover who you truly are and realise what you can achieve. Combining those tools with excellent nutrition and food choices will accelerate your change and emphasise your power!

(Note: The Power of TED* is available in the UK through Amazon.com.)


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