Welcome to “TED* Thoughts,” the blog based on The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)!

Reading the book is one thing (and a good beginning!), but putting the ways of thinking, being and taking action into practice in day-to-day life is another.  To cultivate your capabilities as a Creator, Challenger and Coach and to live more consistently from a Creator Orientation take patience, practice and persistence.  “TED* Thoughts” is intended to support a growing “collaborative learning community” in which subscribers/readers share their insights and what they are learning through their practice; a place to ask questions of how others are applying TED* in their lives; and a place where we nurture one another in the lifelong process of growth and development.

New thought-starters will be added several times each week.  Add your comments and thoughts to what you read.  Raise questions or suggest topics for conversation.  Together we will co-create a blog community that puts TED* to work in the world.

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