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HANNAH KEARNEY, Olympic Gold Medalist in the Moguls
“I have control over how I react.”These words were shared by freestyle skier and moguls gold medalist Hannah Kearney. She has overcome much to stand on the podium in Vancouver. To read the full article.


Hannah Kearney faced much more than recovering from her humiliating failure in the 2006 Turin Olympics.

One year later, while racing down a mountain in France during a World Cup competition, she hit a bump and knew she’d done something to her leg. Only later did she discover how badly she’d been injured– she’d torn her ACL and would be out for the entire season. She was now dealing with injury on top of the previous year’s insult.

But remember … this is a young athlete learning that SHE has control over her reactions. So, she declared this recovery time to be a gift. Not having had a break since she was nine years old (and 20 years old at the time), she went home to Vermont to live. Adopted a dog who, in a sense, nursed her back to health. Learned to train in an entirely new way.

But one more injury loomed on the horizon. In her first run back in the 2008 season, she suffered a concussion and was, once again, out for an entire season.

Hannah entered the 2009 season with high energy, renewed passion, and a rock-solid commitment to perform at her best. And the rest, as they say, is history. A gold medal – redemption – and a perspective born of failure and injury that allows her to truly appreciate what she’s accomplished.
An inspired athlete on all fronts.


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