Kathy Haskin, a TED* enthusiast and occasional guest blogger here, recently sent me the following email.  It is relevant because we live and work along the Puget Sound near Seattle and see huge ships navigating the waters every day.

“While reading a book with tips for living healthy, I cued into a page in which the author used a nautical analogy to make his point about working on a large task by taking small steps toward the goal (sound familiar?).

The term is kedging.  The kedge is a small anchor compared to the larger ones on the big ships.  This lighter anchor is used when the ship is aground or fighting a current.  The sailors will send the kedge with a few of the crew forward in a row boat to row in the direction they want to go.  Attached by a rope to the larger ship, the crew with the kedge will get a certain distance and then drop the small anchor.

Next the crew on the larger ship will pull the ship along the rope until they get to the kedge.  The steps will then be repeated until the ship is out of the current or afloat, in a sense where they want to be.

Sounds like Baby Steps to me!”

What a great analogy for how we navigate our lives as a Creator.  There are times we find ourselves a bit off course;in the “shallow waters” of daily distractions; or caught in strong currents of the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT).  The vision and values that guide our lives – and the Co-Creators we sail through life with – are the resources for our “kedging.”

Baby Steps, indeed! (Thanks, Kathy!)

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